mining tyres

RL loadMarathon Tyres recently purchased the World Wide Manufacturing and Distributing rights for the RL Inserts (Rubber Liner) from Hutchinson Inc. During the past eleven years we have marketed and sold the RL in Australia with outstanding growth in sales to the Mining Industry.

After the factory lagged behind with production capacity and the need for more sizes to be made, we saw the opportunity to take the RL to a new level and a new and larger factory was commissioned after we purchased the RL division.

Marathon will work closely with our distributors to meet the needs of the market and to grow the RL into a Global company. We have a network set up in North America to distribute the RL and will be supplying our new South African dealer with RL in early 2008, once the factory has caught up with production for North America.

In Australia we will market the RL directly through Marathon and channel our sales thought a dealer network for the rest of the World. The next markets to be opened up will be Asia, South America and Europe.